Sunday, July 8, 2007

Why is this man smiling?

You would be too if you scored an upset victory against last year's Canadian Open co-champion, GM Abhijit Kunte.

Dave Gordon, executive director of the Chess Federation of Canada, strikes a triumphant pose.

Dave admits that by move 20 of his game, he was "getting smashed." However, as IM Deen Hergott points out in his comments below, GM Kunte overlooked a tricky tactic -- something which Ottawa players know to expect from Dave.

For GM Kunte, there are still nine more rounds in a field filled with more than 20 other Grandmasters -- plenty of time, perhaps, to challenge for first place.


Player of the Canadian Open said...

Is it possible to put the pairing for the 2nd round here?!
The 1st round has finished long time ago, but still there is no pairing.

Chess in Canada's Capital said...

Jonathan is posting his pairing and results information directly at:

As soon as it is avaialable we will replicate it on the blog