Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Canadian Open - a Truly International Event

Since late yesterday, our chess friends in British Columbia, Junior Chess , began hosting the viewable Canadian Open games. In less than 18 hours, over 300 people so far have viewed these games, a figure which is sure to climb quickly. Like the players in the Canadian Open, the profile of the game viewers reflects a truly international flavour. This complements the Monroi capability, which enables game data to be posted directly from the tournament floor to the internet in realtime.

Top 30 rankings are listed in the image below. The top 5 countries are Canada, United States , Netherlands, Turkey, and United Kingdom. As the tournament progresses, we'll keep you posted on which country will win the "Gold Medal" for game viewership (will Canada stay ahead?).

Games as they are available from the tournament floor can be downloaded from the Monroi website at: http://www.monroi.com/tournamentgate/CanOpen07/games.html

Games can be replayed directly online at: http://www.bjdy.com/juniorchess/CO_07_games/index.html

Thanks, Junior Chess and Monroi!

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