Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Success at Last!

The diagram is a snapshot of an all Russian battle from Round 4: GM Anton Shomoev vs. GM Bator Sambuev - the same gentlemen mentioned in a previous blog entry, "Friend vs. Friend".

Well, given that Black is down three pawns in the featured position, having just played 26...Bg6, and continued to play for a possible win(!) for another 30 moves, I would say that their was nothing particularly "friendly" about this battle royale. The game was eventually drawn on move 56 (Queen and 2 pawns each). It brought back memories of old Shakmatny Bulletin magazines in my Junior days, where every second game featured unknown (to me) Russians hacking and slashing their way to sacrificial wins or wild perpetuals - great stuff!

Seriously, if you need some inspiration to play for a win, I suggest you take a look. All available .pgn gamescores are posted at the MonRoi site, and various other links on the canchess.ca blog have other tools (PGN readers) etc. if you need them. Using two windows is a good way to enjoy my annotated games as well if you do not have a physical board and pieces available.

Thanks very much to Gilbert (an anonymous blog poster from Sunday's Rds 2/3, who instructed this Luddite (at least prety much so technically) on how to finally get with the program and pepper my notes with diagrams of a few key positions. Hopefully I won't forget how I produced the above! And to Peter Hum for apprising me of this useful post, and passing the info along.

We are nearly at the halfway mark of the Canadian Open, and things will continue to heat up, I am sure. Hopefully you are all enjoying a taste of what I am providing each day live and on-site. Stay tuned for some more exciting chess soon - cheers!

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Gilbert said...

Happy to see you have started to master the interface look forward to your columns with diagrams.