Wednesday, July 11, 2007

GM Atalik: simul shelved, but lecture's a go

GM Suat Atalik and his wife IM Ekaterina Atalik were to give a tandem simul this afternoon -- except that best as the Canadian Open organizers can tell, the amount of interest is distinctly underwhelming.

So rather than hold the Ataliks to their part of the bargain, the organizers have opted to can the tandem simul. Given the attendances at the GM Bluvshtein simul and GM Rychagov simul, the 2007 Canadian Open's players are definitely much more keen on lectures (the lecture Tuesday by GM Tomas Likavsky on psychology in chess was packed, drawing 40 attendees).

However, GM Atalik is a man of his word. He promised the organizers that he would appear at a side event, and he has proposed that if there is interest, on Sunday, after the closing ceremony, he will make himself available to lecture, perhaps using his Canadian Open games as material, or simply having a Q+A session with interested players. "Interactive," GM Atalik stressed, when discussing the proposed lecture.

When are you going to get another chance to interact with an top-notch GM? Don't miss GM Atalik's words of wisdom on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if no-one was interested in playing GM Atalik due to his comments in New in Chess 2005, #8 in the Just Checking column on the last page.

Who is the funniest chess player you ever met?
Any dumper sitting there and pretending to play a real game makes me laugh. There are so many of them these days that it’s difficult to choose one.

Gee, that really makes me want to sit down and play him. Add to that his worst character traits (anger and hate), and his greatest fear (to lose to people I generally win against), and you have all the makings for an abusive situation should the game swing in your favour. Maybe he was having fun answering the questions but if the humour was there, it was lost in translation.