Sunday, July 8, 2007

Who are these guys? They're only moving pawns...

You're looking at GM Kamil Miton of Poland, confronting GM Tu Hoang Thong of Vietnam at the 2007 Canadian Open's blitz championship.

GM Miton finished first with 10/12, topping a field of more than 50 players. (GM Tu finished in clear second, half a point back) Eight of the Canadian Open's 22 GMs took part, lured we can assume by the guaranteed $500 first prize.

GM Miton prevailed, despite the afternoon exertions of playing a game against Montreal IM Thanh Nha Duong in the afternoon.
(See that tussle, with comments by IM Deen Hergott, below.) Also, GM Miton just 24 hours earlier was still on the road -- or rather, in the air -- having traveled from Warsaw to Toronto to Ottawa, touching down just before midnight the night before the Canadian Open started.

The blitz event, directed by Dave Gordon and Frank Dixon, went on past midnight. We wish the blitzers well at the Canadian Open's Round Two -- which starts at 10 a.m. today.

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