Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Round 5: Wrap-up

From the top: Boards

1) Short - Tiviakov, drawn
2) Hoang Thong Tu - Xiangzhi Bu, drawn in 34...Black slightly better, but drifted into equality
3) Noritsyn - Milov, Sicilian, drawn in 64...tough battle, Black tried to grind out an endgame, but Nikolai hung tough.
4) Reprintsev - Miton, 1.g4(!), 0-1 in 37....I know the fans would have liked to see a White win here, but Caissa would have been sorely offended, I think. The Ukrainian IM would certainly fit right in with Mssrs. Suttles, Day, etc....more chutzpah than I have!
5) Mikhalevsky's win - see below

Other noteworthy Canadian results: Thomas Roussel Roozmon's draw with GM Sandipan (India), Tomas Krnan's win over Lawrence Day, and Liam Henry's win over Cuban GM de la Paz (that's 2 great results in a row for Liam - nice job!)

I don't know if/how/when the Short-Tiviakov gamescore will become available (several people asked me), but if someone lets me know, or I gain access to it within the next few days, I will inform people and/or post here....see u all soon in Round 6!

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