Saturday, July 14, 2007

Prize Fund for the Canadian Open

As we close in on the final round, here are the details on the prize fund:

Prize Fund for the Canadian Open

$26,500 CAD

Open: $5,000, $3,000, $2,000, $1,200, $700, $600, $500, $400

Class Prizes:
Under 2400: $1,200, $650 $450
Under 2200: $1,100, $600, $400
Under 2000: $1,000, $550, $350
Under 1800: $850 , $450, $300
Under 1600: $700, $350, $250
Unrated: $250, $150

Special Prizes
Top Junior: $400, $200
Top Woman: $400, $200
Top Veteran: (60 plus): $400, $200
Biggest Upset: $200
Top Canadian: $1,000, $500

Age prizes - determined as of July 7, 2007


Anonymous said...

Huh? No Brilliancy prize games? Too bad there wasn't a Composition & Solving competition there, either. Was there a blitz tournament, and if so, are there any details on it?

Brent said...

I was curious about my Round 3 pairing and emailed IA Jonathan Berry about it.

I did not receive a response.

Here are some Round 4 pairings
226 Alexandra Botez 1780 W236 L62 L101 ~240 1.0
227 Luc Gauthier 1734 L180 L241 W274 ~242 1.0
228 Zoltan Daku 1639 W249 L210 L105 ~243 1.0
229 Romy Peters 1627 W250 L72 L206 ~246 1.0
230 Mark Christian 1619 W251 L151 L207 ~241 1.0
231 Danail Donev 1617 B--- L215 L209 ~244 1.0
232 Walter Chestnut 1596 L107 W268 L95 ~250 1.0
233 Brent Tremblay 1595 L108 L73 W273 ~78 1.0
234 Brian Oliver 1581 L26 L108 W275 ~247 1.0
235 Michael Craggs 1568 L160 X277 L96 ~248 1.0
236 Stephen Carruthers 1560 L226 W251 L79 ~238 1.0
237 Stephane Dallaire 1544 L85 W278 L80 ~209 1.0
238 Mustafa Kamal 1528 L166 X279 L81 ~236 1.0
As you can see, I played # 78 in the standings. Everyone else close to me in the standings played someone lower than # 200.

Here are some Round 5 pairings

215 Edward Selling 1759 D238 L100 L231 W269 ~233 1.5
216 Alan Tomalty 1748 W233 D130 L83 L136 ~234 1.5
217 Alain Authier 1732 W234 H--- L207 L145 ~232 1.5
218 Robert J. Johnston 1729 W262 L247 D239 L146 ~235 1.5
219 Charles Bowles 1690 L99 D254 L232 W272 ~236 1.5
220 Ming-Jinq Wong 1683 L181 D237 W258 L147 ~238 1.5
221 Maurice Smith 1683 L261 D170 L238 W274 ~239 1.5
222 Bruce W Thomson 1678 D263 D102 D240 L149 ~241 1.5
223 Timothy Bailey 1670 D125 L39 W244 L135 ~240 1.5
224 Richard Laporte 1597 H--- L78 W274 L209 ~242 1.5
225 Brent Tremblay 1595 L105 L89 W276 D92 ~205 1.5
226 Paul Maisonneuve 1591 L103 W267 D213 L152 ~249 1.5
227 Avery Jones 1589 W279 D209 L133 L140 ~246 1.5
228 Michael Craggs 1568 L159 X278 L35 D242 ~248 1.5
229 Shelley Macgrady 1566 L30 L243 D272 W273 ~250 1.5
230 Stephen Carruthers 1560 L160 W269 L30 D234 ~253 1.5
231 Doug Gillis 1555 D163 L162 W215 L144 ~252 1.5

Everyone close to me is playing someone #238 to 252. I am paired against #205.

Here are some Round 6 pairings

168 Oscar Villalobos 1643 W259 L203 D90 W194 L143 ~240 2.5
169 Romy Peters 1627 W238 L82 L193 W235 D158 ~241 2.5
170 Richard Laporte 1597 H--- L134 W273 L150 W260 ~242 2.5
171 Brent Tremblay 1595 L184 L41 W278 D157 W243 ~116 2.5
172 Paul Maisonneuve 1591 L181 W270 D154 L210 W263 ~243 2.5
173 Saul Schwartz 1574 W273 D151 H--- L85 H--- ~245 2.5
174 John Vandam 1564 D157 W246 H--- D163 L145 ~244 2.5

I was paired against a Master, #116. Everyone close to me was paired against # 240 or lower, with rating around 1800-2000.

At this point I approached Mr. Berry and expressed concern about my pairings. He said it looked like a mistake.

Before Round 8, my roomate's car battery died. At around 6:40 pm. I emailed the adress listed on the tournament website and stated I would not arrive in time, but I intended to play in Rounds 9 and 10.

The next day when the pairings went up, I was not paired.

Since neither Jonathan Berry's or the tournaments email had elicited any response, I called the Mariott Hotel(the tourament site) and asked to speak with someone regarding the tournament.

Stein (who has always been couteous to me throughout the event) promised an attempt would be made to get me paired if possible. I was paired against someone. Unfortunately, the stress of my situation, (securing a new job, caring for my exotic bird and my usual responsibilities, coupled with the effort I was putting out just to be treated fairly,) caused me to read the 4pm start time for a previous round. Showing up at 4p.m.,I was told my opponent had not shown up either. I spoke to Mr. Berry and asked'So, if I play Round 10 Iwould have 3/9?'. Mr. Berry confirmed this.
At one point Mr. Berry said he could 're-enter me' into the tournament. I asked what I had done wrong to not be in the tournament.

Feeling (correctly) that I had been treated unfairly over the course of my time at the Mariott(I wasn't 'in' the tournament if the rules were not being applied to me as to other players) I declined,saying I would play in a tournament where I was treated with respect.

The 'rules'of the Canadian Open were not applied to me in terms of pairings.

I paid $150 and appear to have played only 1 game, Round 6(after I pointed out mistakes) against the correct opponent.

I would like my $150 refunded since I did not receive fair or equal treatment compared to the other nearly 300 players.

Brent Tremblay

Anonymous said...

Wow. If that story really is true, & that:

(i) quick GM draws by Short & others were not looked at as carefully as your situation,

(ii) other players had medical conditions for allowing for an agreed draw (instead of using some other arrangement, such as an adjournment by sealing a game for the next morning),

(iii) 2 rounds within 12 hours (borderline for a FIDE-rated event, according to FIDE rules), immediately after a late afternoon strt of round 1, when many Europeans would be facing a 6+hour jet-lag (making it seem to them that a 6pm start time is equivalent to ~ post midnight, their time),

(iv) usage of accelerated pairings (not announced until less tha a month previous makes it hard to bail on a hotel room rate of ~$100+/night, + entry fee, for a mere 10 games, but in 9 days, without a break schedule), and a presumption that an Official FIDE rules handbook or rules poster was likely not made avaiable in the tournament hall(s) (as in the case of my 2005 Canadian Open in Edmonton, where we all also got to deal with an extremely squeaky floor in only one hall for the last round, when the previous ones were played on carpet, with more than one entry point, and easier access to washrooms),


then I would seriously hope that the CFC re-examine the advice of some normed & FIDE-rated players, and ask them to reconsider how they could make improvements for running (hopefully, many more, as in Europe) FIDE-standard tournaments.